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3.0 hours Fair Housing, Discrimination, and the Market Place

Course Syllabus:



3 3.0 Elective Hours

Fair Housing is a topic involving principles. Generally for real estate professionals who begin Fair Housing study, they are looking for rules and want to know what the rules are for each and every situation they may encounter. Unfortunately, we do not have those kinds of answers for you. But what we do have are the Fair Housing guidelines, established by the federal Fair Housing Law, which will give us the basis for our professional conduct involving equal access to affordable housing for all people regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or whether or not they are disabled. Our goal is to help clarify some of these basic principles and guidelines for you.

And, in any discussion about discrimination, one should include that of antitrust. One of the most serious violations of antitrust is the conspiracy to boycott which is in itself a form of discrimination. Because of the nature of the real estate industry of cooperation and competition, the industry is "ripe" for these types of violations. The Government takes these acts of violations very seriously. The fines and the consequences of violating antitrust laws can be extreme. The student should take note that these are federal laws and not state laws. We will look at the history of antitrust, name some large cases that involve violations so that you will have a firm grasp of how to prevent antitrust violations and the penalties involved with non-compliance.

Instructor: Susan Davis
Coura Gaye-Sow
Author: Lynnell Morgan CRB, CDEI 4045or
Mandatory Seat Timer: Yes
Format: Online
Credit Hours: 3
Required Quiz Grade: 0
Exam Required: No

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Course Objective

Explain the Basics of Federal Fair Housing Laws.

Explain Fair Housing as it Relates to Real Estate Licensees.

Explain the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Describe Language that is Inappropriate and Discriminatory.

Explain the Basics of Fair Housing in Respect to Advertising.

Explain Requirements for Compliance.

Explain the basics of employment discrimination and how to prevent it.

Understand the Terms & Conditions Of Employment.

Understand the law before you get background information.

Describe antitrust and explain the penalties for violations of these laws.

Understand Market Structures

Describe supply and demand in relation to antitrust and the real estate industry.