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3.0 hours Avoiding Common Mistakes

Course Description:
Avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that are made by many licensees.

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Instructor: Susan Davis
Coura Gaye-Sow
Credit Hours: 3
Exam Required: No
Author: Lynnell Morgan CRB, CDEI 3082or
Mandatory Seat Timer: Yes

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Course Objective

Define a contract and describe the elements necessary for a valid contract.
Whether you are a real estate veteran or a newcomer, handling contracts is never a walk in the park. However, it is an essential part of your job. That is why has a contract lesson that will prepare you to excel.
Explain When a Contract is Required and Describe Torts.
Handling the torts involved with contracts and the earnest money may not be very glamorous, or the reason you joined the real estate industry. However, they are just a part of what makes your career so important. That is why has a lesson dedicated to these topics.
Explain the Statute of Frauds and a basic PSA.
Real estate business relies on Purchase and Sales Agreement. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand PSAs. That is why has a lesson which covers every last nitty-gritty detail of a PSA.
Explain Anti-trust Law and the Penalties for Violating the Laws.
The Sherman Anti-Trust Act is one of the United States laws which regulate the real estate industry. It is incredibly crucial that you understand the Anti-Trust laws. can you teach you all you need to know.
Explain Basic Provisions Contained in a Typical Listing Agreement.
Writing a Listing Agreement is one of your duties as a real estate professional. That is why has a lesson on the provisions in a basic Listing Agreement.
Explain Seller's Disclosures Statements, who must comply and who may be exempt.
Completing and submitting a seller disclosure statement is the job of your client. However, you have to understand your crucial responsibilities in this task as well. That is why offers a lesson on seller disclosure law.
Explain Home Warranty Insurance and Errors and Omissions Insurance and Give Examples.
There are two types of insurance that can really make the difference between litigation and a slap on the wrist. Home warranty and E&O insurance are very crucial to your career, therefore, it is also crucial that you understand it.
Explain the Importance of Business Plans and Using Standard Forms.
A business plan is the GPS for yourself and your business. You should not go blindly wandering towards vaguely defined goals. Learn how to craft a business plan that suits your needs with
Explain and give examples of various resources to aid a real estate licensee.
Recognizing times in which you need help is both an admirable and useful skill. You also need to know who to ask for help and where to find them. has an entire lesson dedicated to real estate resources that you can count on!
Explain Deferring Risk to Others and the Importance of Clear Documentation.
A unfortunate side effect of the real estate industry is the level of risk involved. As a real estate professional, you must know how to manage this risk. That is why has the lesson you are looking for.
Explain how offers become contracts.
Receiving a purchase to offer is always a reason to celebrate! However, while you are celebrating you must be prepared to work this purchase offer into a contract. has a lesson that will help you understand how you get from Point A to Point B.
Explain Pre-approval and Buyer and Seller Motivation.
Your top priority is to serve your clients to the best of your ability. Understanding your clients' motivation to buy and sell can help you up your game and excel beyond their expectations.
Explain the Circumstances for Multiple Offers and Escalation Clauses.
As a real estate professional, you must have a firm understanding of how to handle the process of an offer, a counteroffer, or a situation of multiple offers. can help prepare you for these scenarios.
Explain common environmental concerns.
Being able to recognize common environmental concerns is an invaluable skill. You will be able to alert your clients to the concern and advise them on what kind of professional help to seek. You will be your clients' hero!
Explain Basic Agency and Types of Agency.
There a specific types of agencies and along with those agencies come laws which are strictly enforced. Understanding these agency laws is a crucial step towards gaining peace of mind.
Explain the basics of Fair Housing laws and give examples.
Understanding and upholding the fair housing real estate laws are a crucial part of your job. That is why has a lesson dedicated to fair housing laws.
Identify and describe kinds of specialization within the real estate industry.
As a real estate professional there are many different hats that you can wear! can help expose you to many different real estate specializations and you can decide which one suits you best of all.
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