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OK 4.0 hours The Law of the Land-Fair Housing – Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours.

Three terms come up frequently in discussion of fair housing laws steering, blockbusting, and redlining.

The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits taking any action that would otherwise make residential property unavailable or deny it to any person. This is commonly known as steering. Steering relates to buyers or renters and is defined as channeling prospective buyers or renters to or away from specific neighborhoods based on any protected class.

Blockbusting is a prohibited act under federal and state law. It is defined as inducing or attempting to induce any person to sell or rent property based on representations made regarding entry into the neighborhood of persons of a specific race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Before the Federal Fair Housing Act, unscrupulous real estate agents intimidated homeowners into selling their homes. Homeowners were led to believe that their property values would be lower, the area would experience higher crime rates, and the quality of schools would decline.

Redlining relates to mortgage lending and insurance brokers. Redlining is defined as discriminating against anyone by a lender in making a loan for buying, building, repairing, improving, or maintaining a dwelling. Redlining is a refusal to make loans or issue insurance policies on property located in a neighborhood effectively, drawing a red line around an area.

Upon completion of this course the real estate professional will have a thorough understanding of the Fair Housing Act and some of the most common violations.