5.0 hours Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

5.0 Elective Hours

Unresolved conflicts between tenants place the property owner at risk. These conflicts could cause loss of rental revenue with unexpected and ongoing vacancies, a negative reputation for the property, costly repairs for property damage, a decrease in the property's value, and even litigation.

Some tenants are just inconsiderate while others don't realize that their actions are disturbing their neighbors. Common complaints involving fellow tenants include noise, parking, pets, obstructing entrances, odors, and unattended children. The ways tenants react to and deal with these issues depends on their personalities, needs, values, and sensitivities. Some tenants may find ways to tolerate these problems, others may talk directly with neighbors about their offensive behaviors, and others may make complaints with property managers or owners.

Tenant disputes might range from something as minor to something serious. While it is wise to address all conflicts immediately, some are more important to safety and well-being than others. Prioritizing disputes and working quickly to resolve them will restore peace and prevent accusations of negligence from tenants. Always encourage tenants to resolve their own conflicts whenever possible. Be proactive, and always document your efforts.

Ultimately, tenant safety, quiet enjoyment of their homes, and protecting the interest of the property owner are the most important goals of property managers. Conflict is inevitable, but this course will help you be prepared by discussing strategies for resolving conflicts between tenants.

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