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3.0 hours Ethics - Ohio Canons and the Code

 Ethics - Ohio Canons and the Code  Course Video Image

Course Syllabus:



3 3.0 Ethics Hours

This course examines the professional standards enforcement process, reviewing the duties of Articles 1 and 19 of the Ohio’s Canons of Ethics. Ohio produces its canons of ethics and arbitration manual to apply the National Association of Realtors (NAR) code to Ohio state law. In the professional standards enforcement overview, students will study the NAR Code of Ethics and its structure, the history of the Code of Ethics and how complaints and arbitration requests are processed. In the review of Article 1, students will learn about the Code’s duty to protect and promote the interests of the client, placing the client’s interests first and the obligation to treat all parties honestly. This course also covers the fiduciary duties of a REALTOR®.

Author: Susan Davis, CDEI
Mandatory Seat Timer: No
Format: Online
Credit Hours: 3
Required Quiz Grade: 60
Exam Required: No

Content Review:
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Course Objective

General Duties

Articles 7 - 16

Articles 17 - 19

Share knowledge of the beginning and process of the Code.

Describe the concept of general business ethics.

Identify at least two of the aspirational concepts in the Preamble to the Code of Ethics.

Identify the three major sections to the Code of Ethics.

Discuss key concepts associated with the Articles.

Understand that Articles 10 through 14 relate to Duties owed to the Public.

Demonstrate knowledge of responsibilities to fellow REALTORS®.

Identify key terms associated with ethics complaints and arbitration claims.

Understand the enforcement process of The Code of Ethics is enforced at the local level by the local associations.

Explain the complaint process.

Express knowledge of the relationships between various Articles of the Code regarding disclosure requirement.

Describe the fiduciary duties of accounting, reasonable care and diligence owed to clients and customers as required in the Articles and Standards.

Identify Articles and Standards related to the fiduciary duties of honesty owned to clients and customers.

Outline and implement the fiduciary duties of obedience, loyalty and confidentiality.