5.0 hours Building Green – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

5.0 Elective Hours

Creating sustainable buildings involves constructing them in a way that minimizes remodeling or deconstruction costs and time and maximize recycling and reuse of building materials. Sustainable building and material reuse strategies include both building construction, and the use of reusable materials.

Sustainable construction technologies minimize time and waste associated with project administration and construction processes. Example of this practices are to use electronic paper to make numerous changes to construction documents and plans, to use software programs to manage inventory including purchasing, invoicing, and accounts payable, and using electronic procurement to purchase materials and supplies because it reduces time spent on administrative and regulatory tasks.

Sustainable building and material reuse strategies include using adhesives, fitting fasteners, and sealants that enable faster disassembly and allow reusable materials to be removed, using prefabricated materials and components when possible, and to surplus fill in landscaping.

This course covers the many of sustainable construction practices. These practices aim to create more efficient procurement of services, equipment, and products, preserve the site and its surrounding environment, and reduce waste during the building process.

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