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ND 3.0 hours Avoiding Common Mistakes – Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours.

Who can the real estate professional turn to when they need help?

A real estate attorney can be the very best source of sound professional advice. When seeking consultation on real estate matters, be sure the attorney specializes in real estate and not some other form of law. While cost may be a disadvantage here, it can also be money well spent to get proper legal counsel.

Your state's real estate help desk or website is another great source for the real estate professional. Most states have a regulatory division to address real estate related questions. Some states have a real estate hotline where you can ask questions or report questionable behavior. Most topics can be accessed through your state's website.

Your local multiple listing service (MLS) can assist you with information such as statistics for local sales, and assistance with preprinted forms. Multiple listing rules and violations which dominate how licensees cooperate with one another. Most multiple listing services have a long list of rules and bylaws, which, as a member or a subscriber, must be complied with. These rules are not to be taken lightly as violations can result in fines or suspension for the use of the MLS. A firm understanding of these rules can reduce your potential for violations.

Upon course completion, the real estate professional will have a better understanding of the various resources they have at their disposal. A detailed discussion of those providers in the real estate industry that can assist agents is presented such as title companies, real estate attorneys, local MLSs, and a state's help desk.