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3.0 hours Agency Exposed – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Agency Hours

Real estate professionals will have a less stressful and more successful career by constantly being aware of their agency representation relationships and practicing in a manner that fulfills their fiduciary and regulatory duties to their clients and customers. A real estate professional's failure to fulfill duties to clients and customers can result in compensatory or monetary damages to the principal, repayment or loss of sales commissions received, as well as the complete rescission of the real estate transaction. A strong understanding of agency must be accompanied by knowledge of the regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which they practice. Beyond just understanding agency, however, real estate professionals must inform their clients and customers of the agency representation relationships and present the proper written disclosure to the correct parties. Failure to disclose agency representation can bring legal repercussions to not only the licensee, but to their supervising broker and clients as well. Transparency is imperative. All parties need to understand who represents whom in the real estate transaction. This course is designed to help the real estate professional have a better and clearer understanding of the different types of agency relationships, proper disclosures, and how to avoid the most commonly made mistakes.

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