4.0 hours Property Management – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours

Effectively managing a property's stakeholders is essential for maximizing profits for the property and the property management company. This involves developing a keen understanding of property owners and tenants including their characteristics, interests, and needs and providing excellent customer service. This lesson will discuss the legal, relational, and procedural aspects of working with property owners and tenants.

Building relationships with a variety of parties associated with a property is a large part of a property managers' job. Two of the most important parties are owners and tenants. Although these parties have different and sometimes conflicting needs, they are closely connected. That is, property owners need tenants to achieve their goals for their properties. Tenants need property owners to supply them with housing that meets their needs and goals. Property managers must foster positive relationships with both parties to create properties that achieve their clients' goal.

The property manager-client relationship can be viewed as a partnership where both parties work closely together to achieve the client's goals. This mindset will help the property manager establish the kind of goodwill and trust that promote long-term, positive business relationships. This course covers the development and implementation of practices to successfully assist property owners to protect the owner’s assets and to also manage tenants.

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