3.0 hours Building Green – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours

Reducing waste during the building process creates cost efficiencies and material use. It has three important benefits to decrease the amount of materials and costs for materials, decrease labor costs because of less materials to manage, and decreases waste management and disposal costs.

Maintain a current purchasing and delivery schedule to reduce the time materials are stored on-site, which reduces the risk of damage. Purchase non-toxic materials to reduce harmful packaging; and purchase materials with little or no packaging.

Recycling is one of the key ways to divert waste from landfills where it contributes to environmental degradation and increases energy and storage costs. The goal should be to recycle 75% of construction debris. Planning and management are crucial for achieving this goal.

Appoint a person or team to plan and implement the waste management plan, and integrate the waste management with the safety plan. Provide continuous education for both the waste management and safety plans so all staff members are up to date. Determine what items will be recycled, reused, and salvaged, and develop a plan for dismantling, handling, protecting, and storing recycled and salvaged materials. Establish efficient collection, separation, and removal techniques, and allocate the appropriate space for recycling.

Waste prevention and recycling are 2 of the key components in green building. This course covers the various aspect of eco-friendly homes and green construction to educate the real estate professional to better assist their clients in search of eco-friendly homes.

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