3.0 hours Agency Exposed – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Agency Law Hours

A full understanding of Agency relationships and disclosures is not only essential for being a successful real estate professional, it is now a mandatory continuing education requirement for all New York real estate licensees. Our 3-hour Agency Exposed course satisfies the 1 mandatory hour of instruction in the law of agency for second and subsequent license renewal and also the 2-hour mandatory agency requirement for licensees renewing in their initial two-year licensing term. Proper agency disclosure is a vital part of today’s real estate world, but that was not always the case. An FTC report published in 1983 led to many changes in real estate agency representation and disclosure requirements for real estate professionals. This course reviews the results of this survey which showed that there was very little understanding and a lot of confusion about whom the real estate licensees were representing in the real estate transactions. All this understandably began to cause concern among the many sectors of the real estate profession. Upon completion of this course, New York real estate licensees will have a better understanding of agency structure and responsibilities, proper agency disclosures, and will be able to identify actions that could constitute a breach of fiduciary duties.

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