NV 4.0 hours Good Guys/Bad Guys - Who's Who in Mortgage Fraud - Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours

Mortgage loan fraud occurs when false statements are made to qualify for a loan. There are a number of practices contributing to loan fraud. This course will provide real estate professional with an overview of mortgage fraud, a new awareness, what to look for and how it can be prevented.

Course Objective

Introduction to Mortgage Fraud and Predatory Lending in Nevada

Learning Activity: Video

Consumers Targeted for Predatory Practices

Learning Activity: Video

Identify the potential customers, scams and techniques of predatory lending and mortgage fraud

More Techniques to Defraud the Consumer

Well-organized rings working together / Flipping


Bankruptcy Provision

Silent second / straw buyers / shell corporations

More Schemes to Defraud

Attorneys and Appraisers Working Together to Defraud

Learning Activity: Video

Case Studies

Red Flags and Awareness

Predatory “Rescue” Scams, Mortgage Ads, Short Sales and Foreclosure

Options to Avoid Foreclosure

Counseling services / Short sale

Avoiding Concealment of Facts

Traditional Market Lenders

Learning Activity: Video

Commercial Banks

Credit Unions and Indirect Lenders

Brokerages / Investors