3.0 hours Personal Safety – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours

A seller needs to be aware of liability/insurance issues for those who enter the property while it is on the market. A property may have many dangers, especially to those unfamiliar with a structure. Such items might include loose handrails, moss covered steps, water seepage causing slippery floors etc. These items should be repaired/eliminated before the property is listed.

Many household items may have the potential of serious danger for the seller, their agent or any other real estate professional showing the property. These might include firearms, weapons or knives for example. These items should be removed from the property prior to any showings or holding any open houses.

Chemicals can be dangerous for visitors to the property with small children. Some of them can also be used as arson to cause damage to the property when it is on the market. Chemicals should be removed or secured for the safety of all persons in the home at an open house.

There are many steps that real estate professionals and sellers can take to promote safety for those showing the property. Any person injured on the property can cause potential liability for the seller. This course discusses various safety tips for preparing a home for showing.

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