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3.0 hours Floods and other Natural Hazards – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours

It’s important to understand the maps which delineate the boundaries of flood hazard areas.

Special Flood Hazard Areas represent the area subject to inundation by a 1-percent-annual chance flood. Structures located within the Special Flood Hazard Areas have a 26-percent chance of flooding during the life of a standard 30-year mortgage. Federal floodplain management regulations and mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements apply in these zones.

Coastal High Hazard Areas and the structures located within these areas have a 26 percent chance of flooding during the life of a standard 30-year mortgage.

You may think you are completely safe from floods in a Moderate and Minimal Risk Area, yet nearly 25 percent of all flood claims filed are for structures located within these zones. Areas of moderate or minimal hazard are studied based upon the principal source of a flood in the area. However, buildings in these zones could be flooded by severe, concentrated rainfall coupled with inadequate local drainage systems. Local stormwater drainage systems are not normally considered in a community’s flood insurance study.

This course aids the real estate licensee by providing the information needed to recognize high-risk flood zones and to also explain those risks to the buyers as well as requirements of flood insurance in those areas.

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