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6.0 hours Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection (elective)

Course Syllabus:



6 Elective Hours

After completion of this course, the licensee will know that a professional home inspection reduces the potential for an agents exposure to non-disclosure liability. Many buyers do not know what to look for or how to identify real or potential problems within a property. They need a professional, objective assessment of the condition of a home to accurately establish the market value and identify necessary costs of repair. A seller benefits by avoiding potential non-disclosure liability when the buyer relies on the third party home inspector.

Instructor: Susan Davis
Coura Gaye-Sow
Author: Susan Davis, CDEI 3051MI
Mandatory Seat Timer: No
Format: Online
Credit Hours: 6
Required Quiz Grade: 0
Exam Required: No

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Michigan State Board of Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons course approval number: 3051MI

Course Objective

Obligations and benefits

Inspecting the site

Inspecting the structure

The foundation

Roof construction and finishing

Ceilings and attics

Water supply and delivery

Bathroom and septic

Electrical distribution

Electrical entry

Heating types

Cooling types

Keeping it cool, keeping it warm

Floor elements

Wall elements

Exterior elements


General inspection

Windows, walls, siding