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3.0 hours Valuation, Marketing, and Listings – Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

3.0 Elective Hours.

A home inspection performed by a licensed home inspector may reveal other issues that require a second inspection. Problems detected with the septic system which might require a septic expert. A major problems with a system in the home such as electrical, heating, or HVAC may require a licensed electrician. Settling of the home or foundation might require a structural engineer. Excessive amounts of mold detected in the home which might require a toxicologist. Sliding or deterioration of a hillside or poor drainage might require an engineer to investigate.

The buyer has three options in response to a structural inspection issues. They can reject the inspection and cancel the transaction, accept the inspection with the property as is, or accept the inspection with conditions that the seller perform certain repair/replace items.

A licensee may want to assist in resolving conflicts by educating buyers and sellers on the inspection process, explaining to both buyers and sellers that there is never a "perfect" house, and assisting the buyer and seller in the negotiations if repairs are requested.

This course will help the real estate professional have a better understand of the inspections process so they are better prepared when inspection concerns arise.

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