4.0 hours Property Management – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

4.0 Elective Hours

There are five property management positions: site manager, property manager, regional manager, asset manager, and management company executive.

The site manager handles the daily operations of a property and provides an important link between tenants and the property manager. A site manager may also have the title of on-site manager. Site managers who live at the properties they manage may be given the title of resident manager.

Property managers oversee one or more properties. If managing multiple properties, the property manager usually supervises the site manager for each property.

Regional managers are responsible for several properties that within a geographical area. They supervise the property manager at each property and have accountability for all the properties.

Asset managers typically represent property owners. Their primary focus is on the properties as investments, thus they make decisions concerning properties' financial performance. Although their duties may vary depending on the company, they are concerned with a property's short-term cash flow and long-term appreciation. Asset managers are involved with the oversight of a property through its life cycle—acquisition, holding period, and disposition.

A management company executive focuses on managing the actual property management business. The responsibilities of this position vary according to the size, issues, opportunities, management team, and ownership status in the company.

This course explores career options in property management and describes property management responsibilities. Also discussed are property management positions from site manager to management company executive. Real estate professionals interested in pursuing property management as a career should carefully consider how these factors will impact their ability to create successful careers in the field.

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