6.0 hours Benefits of a Professional Home Inspection – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

6.0 Elective Hours

What is a home inspection? A typical home inspection begins when a client or real estate agent calls and books an inspection. A home inspector often has a background in a field related to real estate or a construction trade, but it is not a requirement. Home inspectors must be knowledgeable about home construction, materials, systems (e. g., heating, plumbing, electrical), environmental issues, building codes and public codes governing residences and residential property. A good home inspector is meticulous in his work, carefully examining all the details of a home and is naturally curious about pursuing hints of a system or structural troubles.

The home inspector looks for a deterioration of any components and any deterioration that may affect other components. They will also check the home and site for conditions that may lead to significant damage to the home. At the end of the inspection, the inspector and client review the findings. The inspector provides a detailed, itemized Home Inspection Report describing the findings. Some inspectors prepare and deliver their written report on site, while others write the report after the inspection from their field notes.

Upon completion of this course, the real estate professional will have a better understanding of the qualifications of a home inspector and what is contained in a home inspection report.

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