4.0 hours Property Management – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

4.0 Specialty Credit Hours

There are many current trends that affect property management. Statistics show that rents increased 6.2%. This increase is fueled by an increase in demand from millennials who have gotten jobs and can now afford their own housing. Although their income is increasing, they are not yet able to make down payments on homes. This reality is driving demand in the rental market. Searches for rentals through mobile apps have increased dramatically, in part because millennials are heavy users of mobile devices. As a smaller number of people are moving, thus mobility rates are lower. However, these rates are higher among millennials.

This course provides an overview of residential property management and defines the profession as the administration of a piece of commercial, industrial, or residential real estate. Also covered is a brief history of the profession's development in the United States as well as the types of property owners, residential properties, and property management businesses.

Additionally, discussed are laws that impact property management, and factors that affect how a property is managed and why property owners seek professional property management services.

Real estate professionals who are considering property management as a career or business choice should carefully consider property management principles and the factors—economic, market, legal, professional, and social—that will impact their ability to succeed in this profession.

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