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3.0 hours Personal Safety

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Course Syllabus:



3 3.0 Elective Hours

A major concern for real estate professionals is their personal safety and the safety of their clients. Many times the agent is working alone while showing a property, holding an open house, or manning a model home in a new subdivision. This situation can make an agent particularly vulnerable with respect to danger and safety issues. Busy agents sometimes forget to take some basic steps to reduce their risk of being prey to criminals.

This course will provide real estate professionals with a solid knowledge base on how to help protect themselves, their clients and the general public from being victims of crime. The course begins with general safety tips that real estate professionals can use in their daily practice. Also discussed are specific steps that can be taken to reduce the risks for safety issues when working with buyers and when working with sellers. The course concludes with using technology as a safety measure. Other valuable resources are also provided.

Instructor: Susan Davis
Coura Gaye-Sow
Author: Lynnell Morgan CRB, CDEI RECE03086
Mandatory Seat Timer: Yes
Format: Online
Credit Hours: 3
Required Quiz Grade: 0
Exam Required: No

Content Review:
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Connecticut Real Estate Commission course approval number: RECE03086

Course Objective

Understand why the real estate profession faces specific risks in their daily operations.

Identify advertisements and social media posts that can pose a risk of safety for agents and their clients and be aware of safe self promotion techniques that could increase the threat of violence.

Describe basics steps to use for agent safety.

Identify the items real estate professionals should have to increase their safety.

Describe certain measures a seller can take to reduce the threat of theft.

Explain the basics of identity theft and some ways to prevent it.

Identify those items which can be dangerous and those which have a high risk of danger if left in a property that is on the market.

Describe safety tips for holding an open house.

Discuss the steps an agent should take when meeting buyers for the first time and identify when to trust your "gut"

Develop and describe a checklist for showing properties.

Identify ways that a brokerage can assist their agents with showing and open house safety.

Explain the advantages of working only with pre-approved or pre-qualified buyers.

Explain what to expect from a self defense course.

Describe some common applications for agent safety that can be used on a mobile device.

Describe wearable technology and give concrete examples.

Discuss techniques and their applications for agent safety through common scenarios.