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6.0 hours Investment Real Estate Tools for Residential Agents

 Investment Real Estate Tools for Residential Agents  Course Video Image

Course Syllabus:



6 6.0 Elective Hours

Learn why when an investor or agent is looking at a single-family house as a rental property, a multifamily property, an office building, a retail property, an industrial building or a self-storage facility, the basics are the same.

Instructor: Susan Davis
Coura Gaye-Sow
Author: RE CEO7993
Mandatory Seat Timer: Yes
Format: Online
Credit Hours: 6
Required Quiz Grade: 0
Exam Required: No

Content Review:
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15 minutes. We need to receive a keystroke or mouse click from you every 15 minutes in order for your elapsed time to apply to your total time. If your elapsed time is greater than 15 minutes, then your time will not be counted towards your course time.

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Connecticut Real Estate Commission course approval number: RE CEO7993

Course Objective

It is all about cash flows!

Pre-Course Assessment

Understanding the various way users and investors look at real estate

Understand the differences between investment real estate and residential real estate

Learn how investors and users view the use of a square foot of space

Understand how brokers and agents match activities with product types

Understand residential investment properties

Understand office buildings

Understanding retail properties

Understanding industrial properties

Determine why investors use financing

Become familiar with two lender rules of thumb used in investment real estate

Understanding positive leverage

Understand price versus value

Use supply and demand to determine value

Learn the importance of appraisals and determining value in commercial and investment real estate

Determine the appraisal approaches to market value

Learning Activity: Video

Learn the common investor rules of thumb found in the marketplace

Learning Activity: Video

Basic cash flow analysis in commercial investment real estate

Learning Activity: Video

Explain group ownership of commercial and investment real estate

Learning the Legal Entities Used To Form Group Investments

Learning Activity: Video

Explain the security regulations


Post-Course Assessment