3.0 hours Trust Fund Handling - How it Works

Instructor: Susan Davis
Author: Susan Davis, CDEI
Mandatory Seat Timer: No
Format: e-book
Method of Course Presentation: Correspondence/Internet
Category of Offering: Consumer Protection
Pages: 30
Edition Date: 11/05/2017
Credit Hours: 3
Exam Required: Yes (open book)
Number of Exam Questions: 15
Type of Questions: Multiple Choice
Number of Different Exams: 2
Exam Time Limit: 15 minutes
Exam Pass Grade: 70%

Exam Retake:
If you fail the exam no credits will be issued. If you fail the exam 2 times, you are required to retake the course. There is no charge to retake the course.

Content Review:
The Table of Contents page within each course will list the lesson titles and the expected time it should take the student to complete.

Enrollment Period:
You will have 360 days to complete the course.

Brief Description:
e-book  This course discusses the requirements and standards for receiving, controlling, and disbursing trust funds in real estate transactions. Licensees will learn how to use the columnar records and the information required to be included on the trust fund accounting records as set forth in both the DRE Commissioner's Regulations and the California Business and Professions Code.