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CA 15.0 hours Playing by the Rules - Course Syllabus

 Playing by the Rules  Course Video Image

Course Syllabus:

15.0 Consumer Protection Hours.

This course is a general update and review of many of the most important areas critical to the salespeople and brokers' ability to act in a professional manner.

The agent will be able to better avoid conflicts with other real estate professionals and the public. With a thorough understanding of the course, the licensee should be able to operate in a manner that increases the protection of the general public.

Course Objective

Understand the Origins of the Code of Ethics

Discover the Aspirational Objectives in the Preamble

Article 1: A Key Guideline in Your Daily Approach to Business

Learn about Article 2 and Article 3

Describe Articles 4, 5 and 6

Comprehend Articles 7 through 9

Understand Articles 10 and 11

Describe Articles 13 and 14

Reviewing Articles 15 and 16

Explain Article 17

Learning Activity: Video

Understand the Basic Facts About the Fair Housing Act

Learning Activity: Video

Learn About the Protected Classes of Race, Color and Religion

Learning Activity: Video

Learn about Discrimination Based Upon Sex, Disability, Family Status, Age, and National Origin

Learning Activity: Video

Understanding the Basics of the ADA

Learning Activity: Video

Learn About ADA Title I - Employment

Learn About ADA Title II: State and Local Government Activities (Public Services)

Learn about Title III: Public Accommodations

Customer or Client?

Learning Activity: Video

Understand the principals of an offer and acceptance

Arguments against the formation of a contract

Learning Activity: Video

Learning about contract performance

Discuss types of written agreements used by agents

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