3.0 hours Management and Supervision – Course Syllabus

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Course Syllabus:

3.0 Management and Supervision Hours

e-book  This course covers the management of real estate offices and supervision of real estate activities. Brokers will learn specific management skills and techniques required to be an effective broker/manager or supervisor and to increase their value to their company. Brokers will be exposed to the numerous laws and regulations directly impacting their work. Within the chapters you will learn about the following: Policies, rules, and procedures and why an office policy manual is important to the management of an office; the responsibilities of supervising, branch and division managers; additional supervision duties required for restricted licenses; requirements for record retention; the requirements for electronic storage of files; trust fund handling requirements; effective methods for reasonable supervision of salespersons and trust funds; preparing advertising and marketing in compliance with California Real estate Law; fair housing acts and discrimination laws unique to California; and the obligations and duties of ‘teams’ and individual salespersons regarding fictitious business names.

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