MI 6.0 hours Broker Responsibilities - How it Works

Michigan CE renewal package for salespersons and brokers Real Estate Continuing Education Course Video Image

Renewal Package:

Brokers that want to brush up on responsibilities regarding Trust Accounts, Fair Housing laws, Advertising, Licensee Supervision, Commission and Fees, Use of Technology, Antitrust Laws, and General Ethics will want this online ce course package. Salesperson’s may also want to know what brokers go through so they are welcome to take this package too.

CE Requirement:

18 hours of continuing education. Courses must include:

  • 6 hours of Law
  • 12 hours of Electives
At least two hours of law, rules, and court cases must be completed each license cycle year

Package Summary:

Know the supervisory needs of a broker’s regulatory management responsibilities with this ce package. You will also gain insight on recognizing and resolving conflicts because unresolved conflicts create legal risks. You will look at methods for resolving two types of conflicts with employees. Substantive conflict involves problems related to performing job duties. Personality-based conflicts concern incompatibilities among stakeholders with different personalities/characters. This ce package also discusses the seven sources of conflict: interpersonal, organizational structure, economic, organizational change, incompatible values, external dynamics, and power dynamics.

Included Courses Approved for Exam Required Quiz Grade Seat Timer
3.0 hours Duties of a Real Estate Broker 3.0 Law Hours
3.0 hours Managing Conflicts with Tenants, Clients and Employees 3.0 Elective Hours
Scheduled Outage: November 21, 2018 7:00 - 7:15 AM EST